That an TLN uses to recruit new distributors and get them brainwashed (er, trained) into their system.
(Note that this isn’t NWTW, as far as I could tell, but they do admit to being a Herbalife group.)

I found a couple interesting things: First, if you follow their “warrior marketing plan” as specified, they predict that you’ll earn $700 in the first month, $1670 in the second month, and $2840 in the third month of their plan. They also give you a number of advertising methods that they recommend so you can get this many people. Totaling up the various advertising methods they recommend, they say you’ll be spending $3385 per month for advertising.

So, you’ll end up losing $2685 the first month, $1715 in the second month, and $545 the third month.
That’s a total loss of $4945 in three months, assuming everything goes according to their plan. That’s assuming your advertising is as effective as they say it will be.

One of the huge expenses in this plan is a “recruiting wheel” on someone’s web site, presumably someone high up in the pyramid. Each slot in the “recruiting wheel” is $200, and they recommend you buy 10 slots per month for a total of $2000 per month. If the doe-eyed recruit didn’t do this, and assuming the other advertising worked as promised, there’s a possibility that the recruit might not take such a huge loss.

Here’s my question: Does NWTW or any otherTLN offshoot have a “recruiting wheel”? Does it really work?

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